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22 Aug 2017
I feel so guilty typing this. I know to achieve a healthy slim body, I SHOULD be exercising.

But I just can’t find the time nor discipline to!!! If you’re a gym rat or a health nut who eats healthy and exercises all the time, great for you! But personally, I really cannot!!!

bottom slim jurong east
I work long hours and skip meals and sleep irregularly. When I’m done with work, I just wanna eat a MEGATON of yummy food to reward myself!

But then… I’ll put on weight and I’ll look fat in pics and videos and when that happens, I DIET. Usually crash diet cos I wanna lose weight fast. :(

And I’m lucky enough, I DO lose weight pretty fast.

But did you know that when you’re malnourished, your body STORES FAT, especially in your thighs, as a RESERVE STORAGE omg. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME THIS???

This is totally true for me! I can be as skinny as I can humanly be(and I’m pretty skinny now), but my thighs will ALWAYS be disproportionate to the rest of my body! It’s just so damn impossible for me to have what I call the ELEVEN LEGS, essentially legs that look like “11? haha. I don’t want curvy legs, I just want 11! LOL.

The truth is, many Asian girls face having a heavier bottom, probable reasons might be due to long hours sitting in front of computer because of work. Other girls may face issues like cellulite, stretch marks even though they may pretty small-sized like me! Even if you exercise and diet, some areas are just damn difficult to lose weight, especially your lower body.

So lucky me got warmly invited by BottomSlim to try out some of their treatments the other day and I was pleasantly surprised by the results!

Please allow me to do a short introduction on BottomSlim:

BottomSlim, the pioneer in lower body slimming, is a chain of successful lower body-shaping salons targeting the lower body, namely the tummy, hips and thighs. They are the effective non-surgical alternative to liposuction. This is their tagline:

“You don’t have to walk a journey of a thousand miles or turn to
uncertain, painful surgeries to flatten that tummy, tame wobbly thighs, and firm up cellulite-riddled butts.

At BottomSlim, we specialize in body shaping solutions for the lower body – tummy, hip and thighs. Using proprietary, clinic-tested slimming techniques and equipment, we help you banish those unsightly lumps, bumps and bulges to achieve the figure that you desire.”

Sounds so exciting!!! I want my BottomSlim! But does it really work? Let’s find out!


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